Redeemer Project


This is an unique virtual experience that will allow you, for the first time, to literally fly up close to this monument that is the symbol of Rio de Janeiro and of Brazil, and that was recently elected one of the 7 wonders of the modern world.
This was only made possible by scanning the Christ figure using drone equipped with câmeras. The obtained images were then processed by Pix4D software generating the first precise digital file of the Christ statue. This file was then edited by BL3ND and the flight programmed by Tecgraf.


Celso M. Santos
Jorge Lopes
Claudio Magalhães


Tecgraf PUC-Rio –
Peter Dam –
Alberto Raposo –
Juan Diaz –
Miguel Lessa –

Pix4D –
Sonja Betschart –

Aeryon Labs –
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